Apr 11, 2013


Seriously Andrea? A full month and 11 days since you last post? What are you doing? What's going on with you? Are you no more fun? No more stories to tell? Did you finally grow up and became boring?

Oh blog, I am sorry! I really am. But life is happening to me so much that I barely have the time. You should ask my baking blog. He's feeling it too. *sigh* I am sorry, I promise to do better.

Wait! You said the same darn thing last time. And look what happened to me! NOTHING! Nada! Niente, uhm, I don't even know how to spell that. But girl, that's how I feel like.

*sobs* But I really want to take care of you. Really do! But lately I have been distracted by other things, and by lack of energy. I can't be bothered. Dude, I haven't even sorted my October pictures yet.

Wow! What? Those October pictures? You mean your Germany trip? Your going home, seeing awesome people trip?


Shame on you! How dare you! You used to be so good with all that. When you took pictures you got them off the camera right away and sorted them. Posting and all. What's wrong?

As I said, life happens. I got busy, with other things. Like Christmas preparations and helping with fundraising and then new years. There was some January blues and February lack, and March was Easter and my marathon training started. Now it's April and I have a Food Blogger's Conference.

Gee, I hope she will post those pictures to me....

Shoo Baking in Saskatoon, it's my time to rant here.

Uh, I was also on lent.

Well, you could have written about that. No?! How did that go anyway?

Oh well, it wasn't half as bad. But I broke lent.


Yeah, I know. I really tried and most of the time it worked. But "no chocolate and dessert" lent is tricky, especially when you have things at work and such. However, in general it went really well and I felt pretty good.

And since then?

Errr, Easter, loads of chocolate from mommy, filled with liquor...Ask my father in law, he can tell you how awesome those are.

Yeah, I figured. What else? Oh right, marathon. Are you nuts? 42 km, that's like, far.

Haha, I know. But I figured last year was half, might as well do a full on this year. Before I started I went and bought new shoes. That was pretty fun cause the sales guy, Harvey, was really nice, and knowledgeable. This year I am also using gels to train.


Naha, it's energy gels that help you to run longer. It's pretty cool cause the have loads of flavours. Unfortunately, I like the chocolate ones the best. And peanut butter.

You are so German.

I know, I know. Husband says the same. But the Tri-Berry one is good. Haven't tried the Banana-Strawberry one yet though. Well, anyway, it's going pretty good. I get faster and I do my cross training...

And you skip once in a while.

Gee, you know everything, don't you?

Eh, I'm your blog. I am you, I know what you know.

Sigh, you do. You know me well. So far though, it's been only 3 skips and that was due to bad weather, like blowing winds and terrible snow fall and just yucky stuff. And the second time I don't remember and the third on my tummy was not happy. I will miss some more due to that blogger conference.

And you will eat a lot.


Feeling bad already?

I try not to. Besides, I will take your buddy the Fitness App with me. He should keep me on track and I will try to restrain myself. I'm also going to shuffle that workout schedule around a bit so that I can do my runs.

Alright, alright, you try. I can see that.


For the future though, get your butt over here more. You have stuff to talk about, your friends like to check once in a while to know what going on with you. It's not that hard to fine like 30 min for me. Otherwise I feel lonely, and sad, and...

I will! I promise.


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