Jun 28, 2013

All Those Pretty Dresses

Now that I am done with running, or at least training for a long run, I thought I should focus on other things. Ah, right, baking and cooking should be one of them. It will, it will. Getting back into the swing of things is a bit tricky though. 

But, for this "private" blog I was thinking more along the fashion line. Not that I am starting to show you pictures of my daily outfits. I am not that interesting and I lack the smart phone for those bathroom pictures. But be sure, one of these days you will see some of those too.

No, I thought I could talk about dresses, a topic which I have a love/hate relationship with. 


Well, when I was younger, ok, a kid, I had to wear dress. It's one of those "girl standards" and at some point I just didn't like that. I believe that was fairly early on and might had something to do with the fact that I grew up with 3 boys. How can I keep up, as the youngest nevertheless, when wearing a dress? Yeah, that's tricky.

So, for the longest time I only had a dress for certain occasions, like really special ones. Otherwise, it was pants and blouses for me. I didn't pick up dress again until after high school during my year in Oklahoma. And even then it was rare. It took me until university and beyond to actually enjoying dresses.

But that is not the only reason why there is a love/hate relationship. No, much of it has to do with my body too. I know that I have a well pronounced hip and large thighs as well. It's a fact of nature and I know I will never be one of the skinny/slim girls. Even if I lost an unimaginable amount of weight, my bone structure would still not go away.

As a result, I have often issues finding a nice dress. Those hips are just too pronounce and even if I see something I like, it often turns out to be quite, I want to say ugly, on me. Thus, finding a dress with a good cut and a nice pattern it a struggle. Frankly, I am sure I am not the only one who has that problem. The media is, unfortunately, giving us false images and hopes and the industry gives us unrealistic sizes.

It is a struggle to find something I like and I can wear but not impossible. Sometimes I find things in the odd places, sometimes I have to go beyond to get what I need, other times the average store does carry something reasonable.

So, for the next posts I will show you the dresses I have in my closet. I will tell you a bit about the dress, how it makes me feel, a bit of history if I remember it. For some though, I just won't know where or when I bought it.

If you feel so inclined, let me know what you think of course and weigh in on the "how it makes me feel" or "it's sooo difficult to find something nice" conversation.

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Uta said...

Hey Andrea! I know your problem very well. So many dresses I would like to wear. But: My hips are too wide, my shoulders are too narrow - it looks terrible! So the only way for me seems to be to wear a shirt and a skirt. But it's nice that we both discover our femininity. I like you the way you are!