Jun 4, 2013

The Marathon Run

Finishing after over 5 hours.

So, last time I wrote about the training and things I've learned for that marathon. Lets talk about the actual experience of running one.

It's a little bit of a blur but lets start with hard facts:

We started at 7:33 a.m. (according to my watch) on Sunday May 26. 

Total Distance I ran (according to my watch) was 42.56km. Yes, that's more than the 42.4km I should have done, probably due to corners. 300 extra meters, whatever.

Time (according to chip on shoe) was 5h 22min. 

Time (according to clock) was 5h 23 min.

Time (according to watch) was 5h 21 min.

In total 2900 people had signed up for the event, about 200 for the marathon, the rest did either a half marathon or a 10K. There was also a run for teenagers, who had done some running work during the weeks before the marathon day.

Still having fun.
We started off at Diefenbaker Park, made our way north, then east, then south on Victoria Ave, a little circle around the park, up Victoria again, cross over to Broadway and down Broadway bridge. Then a loop and off towards Circle Drive bridge along Spadina. Turn around and all the way towards the Power Plant. I got to see the new Circle Drive bridge south. *exciting* That was the first 21km, so half way through. 

By that time it was pretty lonely already because all the half marathoners went back over the bridge. 200 people sounds a lot but it gets lonely on those 42km pretty much around 15km. The rest is just you, yourself and the music (if you do music). 

By 20km I did a 1km walk. I guess I could have run for longer but I felt it was necessary to have a break. I also had to nurse my blister, which I felt developing after 10km, well, mentally anyway. Turn around and back to Circle Drive I went, loosing my snack box on the way, which I could have really used about there.

Food, the first thing after finishing.
30km and I did a walk again and felt it really hard. Legs shaking, tummy hungry, blister hurting, sun shining too, surprisingly no knee issues though. It was odd to say the least. The last 10km were pretty much a fight, a slow one too. The first 10km I ran with an average 1km pace of 6:30 min, the last 10km I was at about 8:30 min, if I can. I actually walked 1km and ran the next 2km, again walk, then run.

Fun thing: running up that Broadway bridge. Running down is fun, but as always, what you run down you have to run up too. *sigh* I did it, slowly, I am sure it was a pitiful sight. By the time the last km came around I was happy and then I crossed that finish line and yeahhhhhh.

Lessons learned:

1. Gels are helpful, snacks are probably better. My tummy was like "Are you kidding me?"
2. Next time, tie that snack box to the belt. I had no clue I could loose that clip on box.
3. Water and Gatorade, take it, always.
4. Stopping to fill your water bottle takes less than half a minute but feels much longer.
5. Running marathons is a lonely thing if you are not one of the fast ones.
6. Music helps but counting to the next kilometer is of higher priority.
7. Volunteers are awesome.
8. Police officers are awesome.
9. Propping up the feet after running is even more awesome.
10. Massages are great.
11. Loving husband and family is unbeatable.
12. Next time I will be faster.

Laying down and enjoying family support.
Running for over 5 hours is pretty crazy, I know that. But it's a thing I can tick of my bucket list, if I would have one. It's not something I would do on a regular basis because I am not build to be a runner. But doing it, finishing it, and being able to say I did it, that's something really awesome. I even finished in a time I thought would be reasonable according to my training. 5 and a half hour was pretty much what I thought should be the longest. If I would have run the last 10km all the way through, I would have even finished 10 to 20 min faster. 

But, here is another lesson, pushing too much will do more harm than good. I might have been faster but I would have been more exhausted, maybe even injured. Why do that to you if you can do it a little bit slower. Plus, I wasn't even last.

Next up: Triathlon.

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Wombattante said...

Go you! I'm so proud of you! :) You're inspiring.